Water is essential to animals.  They drink large quantities of water.  Aquatic animals even live in it.   Animals need this water to regulate a number of important functions, such as their body temperature, absorption and digestion of nutrients, defecation...   In other words, the quality of the water directly affects their health and therefore also the production cost-effectiveness.


With Diox Forte you can provide water that is free of pathogens to your animals, whether it is to drink it or to grow in.


Optimum water disinfection using Diox Forte offers the following advantages:


Terrestrial animal farming :

  • All pathogens that are present in the drinking water are killed (less medication required)
  • Diox Forte improves the taste and smell of the drinking water, meaning that the animals drink more water.
  • Biofilm is easily removed and new biofilm cannot develop:
  • pathogens are no longer able to embed themselves and develop in the biofilm
  • medication and additives can no longer adhere to the biofilm.  Biofilm in the piping can also block the flow of medication and medication that gets stuck in the piping can result in a longer waiting time for medication
  • drinking nipples do not become blocked



Aquatic animal farming  :

• Diox Forte very effectively kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa. (less anti-biotics are needed)

  • Fast : A limited contact time is sufficient to achieve the high effectiveness of Diox Forte
  • Powerful: Residual chlorine dioxide between 0.1-0.5 mg/L is already effective in managing a wide range of harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms

• Diox Forte is not carcinogenic and does not leave residuals or create any harmful byproducts.

• It is effective over a wide pH range (4-10) and therefore no additional chemicals are required for pH correction

• Diox Forte is a selective bioxide.  It focuses on micro-organisme before other organic compounds.

• Extremely effective in the removal/prevention of biofilms

• Non-corrosive and therefore does not damage piping, tanks or valves

• Disinfected influent water ensures pathogen-free ponds

• Disinfected effluent ensures no release of pathogens in the environment




Businesses often require large quantities of water.  They can use mains water, borehole water, rain water and effluent from the water purification.  All these flows require continuous disinfection (to a greater or lesser extent) in order to be used as process water or cleaning water.  The applications vary from addition by means of a simple dosage pump to a fully automated system controlled by in-line sensors.  In both cases, you can opt for automatic follow-up of the raw materials by our remote control unit.


Diox Forte is also used as a last step in CIP (Cleaning in Place) to disinfect the piping.  It is much more gentle on the materials (less corrosive) than other disinfectants and also offers increased power and effectiveness.



Diox Forte is most appropriate to deal with Legionella.  As chlorine dioxide is a gas, it easily penetrates biofilm and destroys it from inside out.  Treating Legionella is synonym to treating biofilm.  Biofilm offers the Legionella bacteria a protective environment to survive and to grow.


There a 2 ways to compete Legionella :



Preventative disinfection of the water kills all microbes at an early stage and prevents the growth of a biofilm.  This approach avoids a lot of problems in the compliance with the Legionella Containment Plan, resulting in fewer analysis, lower heating costs and less paperwork.






Diox Forte is used successfully as an ad hoc disinfectant in piping with a persistent Legionella problem.  Following treatment with Diox Forte, the pipes are 100% disinfected and free of Legionella bacteria.  In addition to this, Diox Forte is also very gentle on the pipes and does not form chlorine compounds.

presentation on necessity and advantages of preventative desinfection







The production of drinking water consists of a number of steps, including coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection.  Disinfection is required to kill the remaining pathogens. In addition to this, disinfection must ensure that no growth of new micro-organisms takes place in the drinking water distribution system. A biofilm also develops in the water network - including storage tanks, pipes and valves - and this can form a veritable breeding ground for pathogens and can cause microbial corrosion. Diox Forte offers a very efficient and easy way to treat the water and to kill the micro-organisms in the water and in the water system.






The commonly used chlorine or hypochlorite disinfection systems have several disadvantages, such as the inability to remove biofilms, the formation of carcinogenic by-products (trihalomethanes, AOX, mutagen X, HAAs, chlorite,...), the formation of irritating chloramines,... In addition to this, chlorine and hypochlorite disinfection are characterised by the typical “swimming pool odour” and such disinfection systems can cause discolouration of the hair for visitors to the swimming pool. A strong growth of micro-organisms results in the formation of a slime layer consisting of organic and inorganic components. This slime layer (biofilm) offers excellent protection to micro-organisms and therefore to pathogens, allowing them to multiply even further and resulting in possible contamination risks.  Diox Forte offers you a very efficient and easy way to treat the water, remove the biofilm and prevent biofilm formation and to kill the micro-organisms in the water and in the water system.